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Virtual Maths Club

Virtual Maths Club is an online teacher community which provides free and engaging weekly maths resources for teachers to send out to learners completing GCSEs and A Levels.

Date Published 18th May 2020

Virtual Maths Club

Welcome to our weekly Virtual Maths Club, an online teacher community which will provide you with a wide range of free engaging and practical maths resources for your learners to encourage attainment and learning. You’ll receive weekly problem sheets and full solutions, with both new and tried-and-tested ways of raising motivation and enthusiasm in maths.

The resources are designed to encourage and enhance problem-solving and thinking skills, to engage pupils in online learning, and to challenge boundaries of achievement for pupils aged 11-18. Resources include quizzes, maths challenges and problem-solving sheets, as well as maths games that are very popular in the classroom, newly formatted so that students can engage with them in an online setting.

The activities will address key challenging topics, including fractions, ratio, algebra, geometry and problem-solving.

These resources have been created by Angela Gould, who is the director of BMAM Ltd, which runs maths teacher meetings, PGCE training events and Maths Club sessions in universities and schools across the country. Angela was a member of the Mathematics Department of King’s College London until 2016, and prior to this was Executive Director of the UK Mathematics Trust, which runs the Maths Challenges.
You can access the first week’s resources by clicking on the links below:

GCSE Maths Club

A Level Maths Club

High School Maths Club

To sign up to receive the weekly teacher emails for free, please email Angela Gould at

If you have any questions or want advice on our sessions you can get in touch.