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So You Want To Be A... Teacher (Y9 - Y13)

You need a degree to become a teacher. This video explains the different ways you can qualify to teach.

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My Student Journey: Studying Medicine (Y9 - Y13)

Keele University student Emily talks about her experiences applying for and studying Medicine at university.

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My Student Journey: Lewis (Y9 - Y13)

In this short video, Lewis talks about his experiences studying History at the University of Liverpool.

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What is Clearing Plus? (Y12 - Y13)

If you've applied for a place at university this year (2020), you might have heard of clearing. But have you heard about clearing plus? Lewis talks you through it.

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Deferring Your University Place (Y12/Y13)

If you've got a place at university but aren't sure if you want to go straight away, some universities will let you defer and go a year later without having to apply again. This interactive session explains everything you need to know about how to defer a place at university.

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My Student Journey: Applying Through Clearing

Keele University student Catherine talks about her experience applying for university through clearing, studying a foundation year, and her student experience.

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