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English Literature Exam Skills (Y10 - Y13)

There are some common techniques to help you do well in English Literature exams. This resource will help you look out for key words like contrast and compare, and give you some tips on constructing an argument.


Make Your Own Paint (Y10 - Y12)

In this activity you will learn how to make your own paints using household items and use them to create your own protest poster for a cause that you believe in.


At Home Science Experiments (Y9 - Y13)

This pack will walk you through some simple science experiments you can do using things you have at home. You can do them with your younger siblings, parents or carers. They're all simple and fun, but make sure you ask permission first!


Half-Life of Fizzy Drink Foam (Y12 - Y13)

Is fizzy drink foam radioactive? An easy science experiment for A Level Physics students to conduct at home, this video and worksheet explains how to work out the half-life of fizzy drink foam.


Experimenting with Paint (Y9 - Y13)

This session will lead you through experimenting with different painting techniques and then reflecting on what you've learned. This sort of task is something you could do if you studied creative arts subjects at university. And you younger siblings can even help out too!


Create a Picture Book (Y9 - Y13)

This session will help you lead a younger sibling through creating a picture book - a story with pictures - and test our your creative skills. It will also help you develop your skills in communication, by explaining the task to your sibling.

If you have any questions or want advice on our sessions you can get in touch.