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Creative Writing: Future Selves (Y9 - Y13)

This creative writing project will help you create a character and imagine their future career. How will they achieve their dream job? And what advice would they give their younger selves?


Virtual Maths Club (Teacher Resources)

Virtual Maths Club is an online teacher community which provides free and engaging weekly maths resources for teachers to send out to learners completing GCSEs and A Levels.


White Water Writers: Short Story Competition

White Water Writers is a project we run where young people work together to write a book in a week. At the end of the week it gets published. We've launched an online short story writing competition based on the same idea!


Healthy Eating for Healthy Minds (Y10 - Y11)

This session will help you revise key information about Health and Nutrition. All information is taken from GCSE topics.


English Skills: Thematic Analysis (Y10 - Y13)

This lesson will guide you through how to analyse a book for themes and meaning. Analyse some of our White Water Writers books (written by young people) and win book vouchers for your work!

If you have any questions or want advice on our sessions you can get in touch.