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Info Packs

Higher Horizons Guide to Student Finance (Y9 - Y13)

What is student finance? Why do you need it? How much can you get? And how much do you pay back? Hinna takes you through the basics in this short video.


Healthy Eating for Healthy Minds (Y10 - Y11)

This session will help you revise key information about Health and Nutrition. All information is taken from GCSE topics.


English Skills: Thematic Analysis (Y10 - Y13)

This lesson will guide you through how to analyse a book for themes and meaning. Analyse some of our White Water Writers books (written by young people) and win book vouchers for your work!


Ramadan Wellbeing Tips (Y9 - Y13)

This resource pack includes information and advice about how look after yourself and focus your energies through Ramadan. It includes information about maintaining your learning throughout the month.

Info Packs

Interview Skills (Y11 - Y13)

This short video session runs through some top tips to help you ace your next interview for a part-time job, college or sixth form, apprenticeship, or even university.

Info Packs

Introduction to University (Y9 - Y12)

This video explains everything you need to know about university: what it is, what to expect when you get there, how you might spend your time when you're not studying, and how student finance works.

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