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Info Packs

Revision Tips (Y11 - Y13)

These worksheets include tips for young people and their parents/carers on how to get the most from your revision. There is a page of general tips, and pages for each subject, including English, Maths, Science, Languages and Humanities.

Info Packs

Student Budgeting (Y10 - Y13)

This video and work pack will teach you everything you need to know about how to budget your money when you're at university. It includes a budgeting activity to show you how to work out a weekly budget at university and what you might spend your money on.


Learning From Home (Y10 - Y13)

This session will give you some practical tips on how to look after yourself, stay healthy, and keep up your learning while you're at home.


Study Skills Pack (For Y11 - Y13)

We know that it's difficult to motivate yourself if you are getting used to learning or revising at home. Our Top Revision Tips will help you understand how to keep up your learning when you're out of the classroom. 

Info Packs

My Student Journey (For Y9 - Y11)

This information booklet tells you about every step of your education journey: from your GCSEs, to sixth form or college, and on to university.

Info Packs

It's Your Choice (For Y8 and Y9)

This information booklet gives you some practical tips if you're about to choose which subjects to study for your GCSEs.

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