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Helping you to discover the facts about university

We’re here to give you all the facts about higher education. We know it is difficult advising your child on their future options so we wanted to debunk some of the common myths about university.

Student finance can be confusing. We’ve created a simple slider to estimate how much student loan your child could receive each year. University is affordable for all. That’s why we’ve created a second slider to show how repayment works. Your child will only make repayments once they earn over £27,295 a year (from April 2021). They will pay 9% of anything over this, so repayments can start from as little as £5 a month for someone earning £28,000. And if your child’s income ever drops below the threshold – repayment stops!

We know that it isn’t just student loans you might want more information about. That’s why we’ve created an information booklet covering different types of university qualifications, how to apply to university, how to get the most out of an Open Day, and how to choose a university. If you have any questions you can begin chatting to one of our university experts below or check out out some of our free resources about university and college choices.

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The Facts

There is a lot of misinformation about university out there, but we deal in facts. These links will help you find out exactly what student finance is available to your young person, if and how they might pay it back, and provides some information about how to apply, how to choose a university, and what courses are available.

Student Loan Entitlement

Find out how much money your young person access each year

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Student Loan Repayment

Find out how much your young person may have to pay back after graduation

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All About University

Download our guide to university – it has everything you need to know

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