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Activities, sessions and support helping you to enable the aspirations of your young people

We are here to provide support to schools throughout our region. To find out what level of support you are eligible for please enter your school details below.

We are a government-funded organisation aimed at enabling learners into higher education. We run two outreach programmes on behalf of the government with different aims. Higher Horizons+, aimed at schools in areas with the lowest rates of university progression, and the Higher Horizons Outreach Hub, which aims to part-fund and enable connections with a variety of agencies for schools and college. All activity is shaped by the Progression Framework themes explained below. Use the tool to see what your school is eligible for.

Find out if your school is eligible

Gatsby Benchmarks: How we can help

Shaped by our Progression Framework, our activities help to raise and enable the aspirations of young people, assist with attainment, and help learners build confidence, pathways and networks. We can also help schools and colleges with their statutory obligations too. Our activities can help you achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks and build a portfolio of evidence for OFSTED.

All of our activities can help you meet Benchmark 7: encounters with further and higher education, but we can also support other Benchmarks as well, such as Benchmark 4: linking curriculum learning to careers, Benchmark 8: personal guidance, and Benchmark 5: encounters with employers. More on the Gatsby Benchmarks can be found here.

Learn about the areas we work in

Information, advice and guidance

Informative and interactive workshops giving key information about university courses, finance and much more.

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Univeristy visits and experiences

Providing campus experiences at one of our many university or college partners.

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Curriculam enhancement

Engaging subject-specific sessions designed to spark a love of learning, supporting attainment and aspiration.

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Careers and employability

Linking higher education to future employment, supporting learners to create pathways and networks.

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Confidence, Wellbeing and Resilience

Ensuring young people are well equipped to make a successful journey through education by building their confidence and resilience.

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Other Resources

We also work closely in partnership with other government funded programmes that offer educational or careers based opportunities to young people.

Follow the below links to find out how you might gain support from two of these agencies.

If you have any questions or want advice on our sessions you can get in touch.