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English Literature Exam Skills (Y10 - Y13)

There are some common techniques to help you do well in English Literature exams. This resource will help you look out for key words like contrast and compare, and give you some tips on constructing an argument.

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English... Why Is It Important? (Y10 - Y13)

Alice explains why the skills you learn in your English class are important and how they can help you get ahead in your future career. Studying English at university can help you get into lots of different careers in the future.

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What Do Art Students Do? A Sketchbook Tour (Y10 - Y13)

Cartoon and Comic Arts student, Nat, shows off her latest sketchbook and the different artistic projects she's completed during her time at university. If you've ever wondered what art students do, this video is for you!

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Support for Disabled Students (Y9 - Y13)

Universities want every student to be able to succeed. There is lots of support in place for disabled students, including extra funding through student finance. Chloe explains the ways universities will support you and the different accommodation and study options available to help you get the most from university.

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Countdown: University Edition (Y9 - Y13)

Can you beat the countdown clock? Test your higher eduction knowledge by unscrambling the words. Hinna will guide you through, and give you a few hints and tips along the way.

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University Research in Real Life (Y10 - Y13)

Did you know that universities have been helping to fight Covid-19? Find out how university research is helping us understand the Coronavirus, how universities support the NHS, and how university students have been able to help!

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