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Creative Writing: Future Selves (Y9 - Y13)

This creative writing project will help you create a character and imagine their future career. How will they achieve their dream job? And what advice would they give their younger selves?

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So You Want To Be A... Teacher (Y9 - Y13)

You need a degree to become a teacher. This video explains the different ways you can qualify to teach.

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My Student Journey: Studying Medicine (Y9 - Y13)

Keele University student Emily talks about her experiences applying for and studying Medicine at university.

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My Student Journey: Lewis (Y9 - Y13)

In this short video, Lewis talks about his experiences studying History at the University of Liverpool.


Virtual Maths Club (Teacher Resources)

Virtual Maths Club is an online teacher community which provides free and engaging weekly maths resources for teachers to send out to learners completing GCSEs and A Levels.

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What is Clearing Plus? (Y12 - Y13)

If you've applied for a place at university this year (2020), you might have heard of clearing. But have you heard about clearing plus? Lewis talks you through it.

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